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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do?

We are the first stop for UCR students who want to study, work, teach or intern abroad.

Do you ever do classroom presentations?

We not only do classroom presentations, we love doing them! We have a number of people on staff who can speak to your class about what we do, including presentations specific to helping students know how to go abroad.

How do you help students to go abroad?

The Study Abroad Office is the only campus organization that helps students who want to go abroad through every step of the process. We advise students about their options through one-on-one sessions and workshops, we stay up-to-date on federal requirements and make sure interested students know what those are, we counsel students about financial aid and scholarships and make sure they know how to comply with requirements before they depart.

What do students need to do if they want to go abroad?

They are welcome to make an appointment with a study abroad advisor. They can call us at 951-827-2508. They can also get started right away by going to MyUCR Abroad, filling out a student questionnaire and signing up for an information session.

How can I help students go abroad?

You can help students go abroad by inviting us to speak to your class about how to go abroad. You can get students excited throughout the quarter by incorporating international topics into your curriculum.

Can I participate in study abroad programs as faculty or staff?

You can if you get involved with UCEAP. The official study abroad program of the UC, UCEAP, has opportunities for faculty and staff:

At the international level
  • Serve as a UCEAP study center director or visiting professor
  • Participate in UCEAP faculty exchange opportunities that assist in evaluating and developing UCEAP programs abroad
  • Participate on Study Abroad site visits
At the university-wide level (this may be EAP specific)
  • Serve in administrative, advisory, consultative, and program development and review roles
  • Advise on the development of discipline-related programming
  • Register with the UCEAP faculty database
At the campus level
  • Serve on the Academic Senate Committee on International Education
  • Serve as an UCEAP campus director
  • Serve as an UCEAP department liaison officer
  • Participate in study abroad recruitment and orientation events

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