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Will he or she have access to health care?

Your student’s safety is our priority. We also offer resources to make sure he or she meets the health requirements, including insurance and vaccinations. We can offer as many resources as possible to make sure your student is prepared to stay safe and healthy. We also strongly encourage students to be aware of their actions and to make the right choices to ensure their own health and safety. Read our travel and safety resources.

For health resources, please refer to our main Health and Safety page.

Why should my student study abroad?

For several reasons:
  • Your student can continue to earn credits toward their degree, take a class not offered at UCR—one that is unique to that country—and improve his or her proficiency in that language.
  • Your student can make friends in a new country, form bonds with others in a profound way and develop a sense of teamwork through a tight-knit connection with other students in their program.
  • When students live and study in another country, it raises their self-confidence and helps them to become more mature and independent. They also see America from a different perspective and may return to the U.S. with a greater sense of duty as an American citizen.
  • In today’s global economy, having international experience or proficiency in a second language makes jobseekers more marketable and valuable to the organizations that hire them. UCR is big on cultivating global citizens. Check out Chancellor Tim White’s Friday Letter “Foreign Travel Enriches”.

How much will it cost?

It depends on a variety of factors—the type of a program, the length of the program and stay, and the sponsoring school. If your student is going on an Education Abroad Program offered through the UC system (UCEAP), the cost can be comparable or less than the cost of staying on the UCR campus. UCEAP also enables you to pay for the program through an Extended Payment Plan with zero-percent interest. Here are some other resources:

Will all grades and credits be accepted by UCR?

While abroad, your student may be able to earn UC credit or receive transfer credit. When talking to his or her academic advisor, they can plan courseware that fits into their major or minor. Your student can also find out about how their grades will affect their overall GPA.

  • UCEAP and UCR Summer Study Abroad participants receive UCR credit.
  • Other UC and non-UC program participants can receive transfer credit.

Most likely. We especially encourage other UC and non-UC program students to keep all records from their classes, including e-mails, letters, notes, syllabi and tests. This way, they can show the work they’ve done to receive transfer credit.

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