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Other UC & Non-UC Programs

Other UC & Non-UC Programs

Other UC & Non-UC Programs

The Other UC & Non-UC Programs, also known at the Opportunities Abroad Program (OAP), might be for you! Similar to the UCEAP or Summer Study Abroad, the Other UC & Non-UC Programs can help you to experience cultural enrichment by spending time abroad.

What’s Different?

  • Organizations or institutions other than UCEAP or University of California, Riverside.
  • Other UC & Non-UC Programs offers the chance to not only study abroad but also to intern, teach and volunteer.
  • Other UC & Non-UC Programs offers more flexibility with host country, program providers, GPA requirements, deadlines and program length.
  • With Other UC & Non-UC Programs, you receive transfer credit, as opposed to UCR credit.
  • You can finance your other UC programs with federal, state and UC grants and scholarships as determined by FAFSA and potentially scholarships in your major.
  • You can finance your non-UC programs with federal and state financial aid as determined by the FAFSA and potentially scholarships in your major—as opposed to UC and/or UCR grants and scholarships.

We realize it takes an adventurous and curious spirit to embark on an other UC or non-UC program! Whatever you choose, we’re confident your program will help you to enjoy personal and professional success for years to come.

And when you come home, you’ll find that the UCR campus still loves you.

UCR students are free to participate in study abroad programs through other UC campuses as well.  

Students may apply financial aid to study abroad programs offered through other University of California campuses.

Non-UC programs include any type of abroad experience under the Planned Opportunities Abroad Agreements (POAA). POAA provides UCR students access to non-University of California EAP study abroad programs, permitting them to study abroad for transfer credit and to use eligible financial aid for direct enrollment or through a third party.

It allows students more flexibility in GPA requirements, deadlines, program length, available countries, and universities around the globe because there are so many options.

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