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Other UC and Non-UC Programs Selected Students

Other UC & Non-UC Programs - Selected Students

Congratulations on being selected to another UC or non-UC program!

But there are important tasks you’ll need to do before you ago, while you’re away and when you return. To help you prepare, download this checklist.

  • Things to Do Right Now

Get forms
  • Attend the Other UC &Non-UC Program Application workshop to get the following:
  • Confirmation of Intent
  • Planned Opportunities Abroad Agreement (to be signed by your department, Dean of College and the Study Abroad Advisor)
  • Academic Planning (so you can receive academic credit for coursework completed abroad)
  • Consortium/Contractual agreement (so you can received financial aid)
  • Waiver of Liability
  • Authorize Release
Follow the guidelines of your selected program

Check in directly with your program institution for everything you need to do to make your other UC or non-UC program happen. Stay in regular contact with your program’s staff.

Apply for a passport and visa
  • Apply for your passport
  • Access a visa application from your host country’s consulate
Get important info @ MyUCR Abroad

Log in to MyUCR Abroad, you will need to select Guest Account for login.Then go to Information for Selected Other UC & Non-UC Program Participants to read detailed information about your study abroad selection.

Check R’Mail often

Your R’Mail account will be the only e-mail account where you receive official study abroad information from UCR. In fact, create a folder for all study abroad correspondence. If you change your physical address or phone number, contact your other UC or non-UC program representative immediately. Failed and untimely communication is a common reason why students become ineligible for the other UC and non-UC programs. Don’t let this happen to you!

Use this subject line

So that your study abroad advisor can respond to your R’Mail quickly, use this subject line format:



LaSharon/Italy/OAP-International Studies Abroad/summer 2012/Financial Aid

Look for financial aid, grants and scholarships

Go here or schedule an appointment with your abroad advisor who can tell you what financial aid, grants and scholarships for which you’re eligible. Remember, as an other UC or non-UC programs participant, you may not use UCR scholarships or grants to finance your program. If you receive financial aid through UCR, ask your study abroad advisor for a Consortium/Contractual Agreement, which you need to complete.

  • In the Months Before You Leave

Check if there are hazards of your host country
Get or verify health insurance

Consult the Health & Safety section to know what the minimum recommended health insurance coverage. If you are a student with a disability, note that support services abroad may differ from what is available at UCR. Contact Student Special Services at UCR, your study abroad advisor, your other UC or non-UC program provider for more assistance.

Attend mandatory meetings and orientation

Even if you need to adjust your work schedule, family events or study time, we can’t stress enough how important it is to attend these mandatory meetings. If you miss any of them, you’ll be considered non-compliant with program obligations.

Oh behave!

If you start to feel like you want to slack after you’ve been selected for your other UC or non-UC program, remember to go easy and stay focused on your excellent conduct and academic goals.

Grades still matter

Maintain the minimum academic eligibility requirements specific to your other UC or non-UC program.

Stay current

Read any news and learn about any important events in your host country and at your program institution. Google searches will point you to online magazines that cover your region. If you plan to speak or study in the language of your host country, read publication in that language to get familiar.

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