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How can I apply the course units to my degree?

The Summer Study Abroad Program offers courses during the Summer term. These are official courses derived from the UC Riverside General Catalog. As such, they transfer throughout the UC system. Students should check with their campus adviser to find out if a course meets a particular requirement. All non-UC students should check with their home campus adviser to confirm that the units are transferable and comparable before the start of the application process. You can request a UCR Transcript at the UCR Registrar's website.

Can seniors participate in study abroad?

Yes, seniors can participate in study abroad with the approval of their academic and/or college departments(s). They will be able to advise you on such matters as graduation procedures, senior residency rules, and maximum unit load policies. Please make an appointment with your Academic and/or College Advisors to discuss your plans to study abroad as a senior. Additionally, if you are a financial aid student, you may need to speak with your Financial Aid Advisor about what types of aid you may still be eligible for.

Why would a program get cancelled?

A program can be cancelled due to low enrollment. Students enrolled in a cancelled program will be notified as early as the decision is made. If a program is cancelled due to low enrollment, a full refund will be given to the students for the application fee, deposit, and program fees paid. 

Do I have to participate in all group excursions and planned social activities?

YES, the study abroad programs are only five weeks in length (only 4 weeks in country). In addition to attendance in both classes, you will be expected to participate in organized group excursions as they are designed to complement the curriculum. You will benefit greatly by attending planned social activities since they will help to engage you more quickly into your new living environment and cultural surroundings.

Can I participate in more than one program?

Yes; but the programs cannot overlap for any period of time.

Can the California Veteran's (Cal-Vet) Fee Waiver apply to the cost of the program?

Yes; but the Cal-Vet Fee Waiver only applies to the Course Unit Fees and is valid toward participating vets.

Do I have to take both classes listed in the program?


Can non-UC students apply for the programs?

Yes; but all applications must receive faculty approval to participate in the program. You may submit your application prior to meeting or speaking with the lead UCR instructor.

Can I audit the classes in a program?

No; you must participate fully in both courses in the program and receive a final grade (or S/NC for grad level courses).

What is included in the program fee?
What's Included:
  • Course unit fees and referendum fees
  • Accommodations
  • Some programs provide some or all meals. Please check the individual programs for details.
  • Transportation and admission fees for group-organized, faculty-led excursions
Can I bring someone with me or have someone visit me while I am abroad?

Only registered participants are allowed to attend the program and housing arranged for participants. No exceptions made.

University of California Affirmative Action Statement

In accordance with applicable State and Federal laws and University policy, the University of California does not discriminate in any of its policies, procedures, or practices on the basis of race, color, national  origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, handicap, status as a Vietnam-era veteran or disabled veteran, medical condition (as defined in Section 12926 of the California Government Code), ancestry, or marital status; nor does the University discriminate on the basis of age or citizenship, within the limits imposed by law or University policy.  In conformance with applicable law and University policy, the University of California is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.  Direct inquiries regarding the University's equal opportunity policies to Gladys Brown, Affirmative Action Interim Director, (951) 827-5604.

Other Questions?

If you have questions about the UCR Summer Study Abroad program which have not been answered on the website, please e-mail If you feel that you need to meet with someone to discuss the initial stages of your participation in the program or about any logistical aspect of the program, please e-mail to request a meeting. Information about the courses offered or other academic concerns must be addressed with the lead faculty for the program.

Please Note

Office hours are Monday - Friday from 8am-5pm in SURGE 321. Please call (951) 827-4113 or e-mail to schedule an appointment to speak with an advisor.

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