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Health Clearance

Once you receive notice of your selection for Education Abroad, regardless of which program and insurance you carry, it is mandatory for ALL students to BEGIN the health clearance through the UCR Student Health Services (SHS) as soon as possible. Please follow these guidelines.

NOTE to UCEAP and OAP participants: You must complete the health clearance process 60 days BEFORE your official program start date!

For FLEAP students, you must complete the process 3 weeks before your scheduled departure date.


To start the process go online to the patient portal to make an appointment with the Travel Clinic. ALL education abroad students must see the UCR Student Health Services (SHS) regardless if they have the University Student Health Insurance Program (USHIP) or not. Please begin this online process as early as possible, especially if you are also followed by any medical specialists or mental health providers. SHS only accommodates a few travel appointments a day and are often busy.

A note to students from Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS): Students often request a mental health clearance from CAPS to study abroad. Please seek services as soon as mental health concerns arise. CAPS clinicians can only sign off on forms for students with whom they have established a professional relationship and who they know well enough, in a clinical sense; therefore, clearance forms for studying abroad cannot be signed off on the same day/walk-in visit. NOTE: This process is SEPARATE from the regular health clearance and adds more time to the overall clearance process! 

When scheduling the appointment online, be prepared to complete the online form with the following information:

  • Indicate that you are an Education Abroad student
  • The program you are doing (UCEAP, FLEAP, or OAP)
  • Your host country(ies)/travel destination(s)
  • Your program's start and end dates, or a rough estimate of your "travel itinerary" NOTE: This is NOT a form.

In addition to the travel questionnaire filled out during the request for appointment, complete the following items prior to calling 951-827-3031 for an appointment. NOTE: These requirements will be checked for completion at the time you call to schedule your appointment so be sure to complete all steps PRIOR to calling to schedule to save yourself time.

  • If you are a UCEAP student, print out a copy of your MyUCR/UCEAP Selection Letter.
  • The Student Immunization Form found in the patient portal, under the Forms section.
  • Upload a copy of your immunization or titer records, where indicated in the immunization form.
  • Upload a copy of the Certificate of Completion of the Online Travel Course with the immunization record in the immunization form.

UCEAP Students ONLY: You must complete the Online Travel Course (the course will take approximately 60 minutes to complete).

FLEAP and OAP Students ONLY: You must complete the UC Abroad Travel Course (the course will take approximately 30 minutes to complete).

 *** Failure to follow the above instructions will result in a rescheduled appointment and a late-cancellation fee of $20. ***

GO to your appointment. Your initial consultation, or health screening, will be with a registered Travel Clinic nurse. The cost is included for USHIP students and there will be an out-of-pocket cost for non-USHIP students. Please share with the travel nurse any allergies you had in the past, or digestive problems. Some students have discovered that “old” allergies or other health issues that are “under control,” may reappear when they live in a new environment. The nurse will either provide you with any new or updated immunizations at this point, or ask you to make another appointment. If you are a non-USHIP student, you can get your immunizations from your private doctor.

  • At this time, the travel nurse will also make you a second appointment to meet with the UCR Student Health Services physician for your required physical, which ALL students must receive at the UCR Student Health Services.

GO to your second appointment, which will be with the UCR Student Health Services physician. The cost is included for USHIP students; however, there will be an out-of-pocket cost for non-USHIP students. You cannot miss this appointment!

  • For UCEAP and OAP students:  A finalized Health Clearance form will be completed for you, which the UCR Student Health Services will forward on your behalf to the appropriate education abroad program provider office (UCEAP, or OAP office);
  • For FLEAP students:  please submit the completed Health Clearance to Surge 321.

AFTER your appointments. Make copies of your documents and your new International Certificate of Vaccination Card and take them with you abroad, in case you need medical attention.

NOTE: You may be required to meet with a physician multiple times, depending on your personal health and the requirements of your host country destinations(s). We cannot stress enough the importance of beginning the health clearance process EARLY.

Students with Special Needs

  • Note that UCEAP cannot make appropriate accommodations or guarantee accommodations for students with disabilities.  What is considered standard in the U.S. may not be available overseas for UCEAP students. Once the student discloses, the UCEAP Program Specialist will engage in an interactive process with students who are registered at the Student Disability Resource Center.  This interactive process takes time, collaboration, and open communication between the UCEAP US-based staff, the student, and the UCEAP partner institution. Students are not legally required to disclose a disability to UCEAP.  It is voluntary.  However, self-disclosure is a key to success on a UCEAP program. The goal of an early disclosure is to promote a holistic approach toward student support. Students can choose to disclose during selection, application, or earlier.

If You Want to See Your Own Doctor

  • You can get your immunizations and vaccines from your private doctor or primary care physician, as long as they meet the standards outlined by the UCR Travel Clinic nurse. Therefore, it is a requirement that ALL education abroad students make their initial consultation and health screening FIRST with the travel nurse at the UCR Student Health Services, regardless if they have the University Student Health Insurance Program (USHIP) or not. The travel nurse will then provide you with any necessary documents that you will take to your private doctor. Be sure to bring these documents back with you when you return for your second appointment to get your physical completed with the UCR Student Health Services physician.


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