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Health Clearance

Begin the Health Clearance Process

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

  • Students often request a mental health clearance from CAPS to study abroad. Please seek services as soon as mental health concerns arise. CAPS clinicians can only sign off on forms for students with whom they have established a professional relationship and who they know well enough, in a clinical sense; therefore, clearance forms for education abroad cannot be signed off on the same day/walk-in visit. NOTE: This process is SEPARATE from the regular health clearance and adds more time to the overall clearance process!

Students with Special Needs

  • Note that UCEAP cannot make appropriate accommodations or guarantee accommodations for students with disabilities.  What is considered standard in the U.S. may not be available overseas for U.S. education abroad students. Once the student discloses, we will engage in an interactive process with students who are registered at the UCR Student Disability Resource Center.  This process takes time, collaboration, and open communication between the U.S.-based staff, the student, and the partner institutions. Students are not legally required to disclose a disability to us. It is voluntary. However, self-disclosure is a key to success on an education abroad program. The goal of an early disclosure is to promote a holistic approach toward student support. Students can choose to disclose during selection, application, or earlier.

If You Want to See Your Own Doctor

  • UCEAP & FLEAP students must start and end the health clearance process at UCR Student Health Services, regardless of your insurance provider. However, these students may see their own private doctor for immunizations, if they prefer (as long as they meet the standards outlined by the UCR Travel Clinic nurse). The UCR nurse will provide you with any necessary documents that you will take to your private doctor. Be sure to bring these documents back with you when you return for your second appointment to get your physical completed with the UCR Student Health Services physician. 

SHIP and the Waiver Option

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