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OAP Opportunities

Below are options for OAP programs.

You can find search for more program options at the following sites:

Off the Beaten Path Programs

Visit the Off the Beaten Path Scholarship page for  a list of specific scholarships that are specific to UCR Students and will be featured at the Worldfest Study Abroad Fair.

G-MEO Study and Intern in Chengdu, China

-MEO (Global Maximum Educational Opportunities)<> provides unique and cost-effective study and intern abroad experiences in China. Located in the historic, dynamic, and culturally diverse city of Chengdu, in southwestern China, G-MEO's Chengdu American Center<>, partnered with Sichuan University, offers a wide range of courses, taught in English, across seven academic fields, along with language training opportunities, and internships with Fortune 500 companies, tech. start-ups, law firms, and other organizations. Students enrolling in our programs can stay on track to graduate, gain valuable intercultural work experiences, travel, and have lots of fun! 

Our experienced Chengdu team consists of American faculty members and Chinese staff whose mission is to ensure students get the most out of their study abroad experience. Cultural activities and excursions are abundant as are opportunities for solo travel and exploration. Students are encouraged to learn Mandarin, but there is no language requirement for enrolling in our programs. Generous scholarships and other financial awards<> are available, including the Chengdu Mayor's Achievement Award for every student upon completion of the G-MEO program. Please contact for more information.

Currently offering for 2018 Year: 

Sant'Anna Institute, Sorrento, Italy Scholarships open for Spring--Summer--Fall Programs 2018

We are offering students several Grant options to apply for in each semester. Students can apply due to their participation in internships, academia, or service-learning opportunities abroad. There are also scholarships due to Italian heritage (NIAF)  and Italian language ability. We want all students to have the life-changing experience of studying abroad, and especially to support students who otherwise wouldn’t participate in a study abroad program. 

Please send all inquiries to  <> or visit  <> to apply.

Universidad San Pablo CEU in Madrid is pleased to announce its Summer 2018

​​ Science & Spanish Courses.

Course options:

Spanish Language and Culture and *either* 1. *Digital Manufacture*: Taught in English at the FabLab madrid CEU, part of the MIT FabLab Network. For students with majors in Architecture, Engineering or Design.


2. *Practical Introduction to the World of Pharmacy*: Students will obtain a comprehensive overview of the different areas in Pharmacy with lectures from KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), visits to pharma facilities, as well as intense hands-on practice at research labs, where English is the language of instruction. For students with majors in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Toxicology, Pre-med or related sciences.

Each course is worth 3-semester credits. Syllabi available upon request.

Accommodations and all meals provided at student dorm in the university area of Madrid, a cosmopolitan and multicultural city with a lively cultural and social atmosphere.

The social and cultural program includes, among other things, a Weekend Trip to Valencia on the coast of Spain, where the City of the Arts and Sciences will be visited. 

Application Deadline: March 19, 2018

For further information, please contact Rosa Almoguera at or Teresa Cilleruelo at studyabroad@ or call us (+34) 91 456 6300

Tropical Marine Ecology and Conservation in Mozambique

Virginia Tech is accepting applications for an upcoming program, Tropical Marine Ecology and Conservation in Mozambique (4 credit hours of Fish and Wildlife Sciences 3954/5953), taking place this winter session. 

The course is focused the socio-ecological and environmental processes influencing tropical reefs and will present opportunities to collect data and undertake basic analysis on ecology and behavior of marine mega fauna, reef fishes, and coral reef organisms. Students will earn PADI Open Water of Advanced Dive certification while gaining hands-on field experience. Overall, the program is focused on global conservation impacts and intervention. 

For more information and to apply, see here:

 Ecology and Conservation of Southeast Asian Elephants

The School for Field Studies is excited to announce our new summer program, Ecology and Conservation of Southeast Asian Elephants! 

This program is perfect for students pursuing pre-veterinary studies or interested in wildlife conservation. Students will study at our Center in Siem Reap as well as within the Keo Siema Wildlife Sanctuary at the Elephant Valley Project in Mondulkiri Province. Students will explore Cambodia’s highland ecosystems, wildlife management policies, elephant health and welfare, and the pressures associated with increasing human populations and habitat destruction. 

To learn more, please visit:

Guilford in Costa Rica - Sustainability, Surfing, and Stewardship

In this semester-long Principled Problem Solving program of integrated coursework, you will immerse yourself in an intellectually and physically rigorous and inspiring introduction to creative interaction with an inherently interdisciplinary topic: the history, science, contemporary problems and social-justice challenges of trans-national surfing culture. 

Our mission will not be just to learn (although learn we will!) but to serve the community of Nosara, Costa Rica, by designing, creating, and contributing to a multi-year project: a multi-media publication called The Responsible Traveler’s Guide to Nosara. Because this is an integrated project-based program built around four courses, you will be encouraged to think of these individual courses as separate lenses you will use to compile a complete view. There will be times when you intensively use one, but as the semester unfolds you will be drawing on all of them. 

Find out more from our student video. Meet our faculty-leader, Maia Dery, and for more information email her at Then apply online!

SIT Summer 2018 Applications

SIT Study Abroad is now reviewing applications for summer 2018 programs. A summer program with SIT is exhilarating, experiential and unforgettable! We offer 24 unique summer programs around the globe.  

View a complete list  

6 NEW SEVEN-WEEK Internship programs 


Available for GRADUATE CREDIT 

  • Switzerland: International Studies and Multilateral Diplomacy   

Many programs fill prior to the final application deadline; early applicants are most likely to be considered for their first-choice program. Additional information about our admissions process and application dates can be found at   

SIT Study Abroad strives to make the best possible match between a student’s academic goals and program content, beginning with the application and review process.  Browse our complete website at  You can also contact us at or (toll free) 1-888-272-7881 with any questions. 


English Teaching Internship (TESOL) in Japan at Ibaraki Christian University 

In the teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) internship program, interns help undergraduate English majors in Japan to improve their English. Interns will work with students in and outside of the classroom to help them academically, provide communication practice and create opportunities where students can use their English in nonacademic settings such as playing games, sports and other extracurricular activities. Interns will learn how to plan, execute and improve these activities through working with students and university professors. They will also learn how to be effective educators in English as a foreign language settings. We are looking for interested students who would like to do an international internship related to teaching English as a foreign language and Asian culture. We welcome students of all religious faiths and cultures and secular humanists. If you are interested in this unpaid internship position in Ibaraki, Japan, please visit for more information. Please note that the position is ongoing and applications are welcome at all times.    

We are an accredited not-for-profit university in Japan. You can find us on Wikipedia at or on Wikipedia’s list of universities in Japan at

Public Health, Psychology, Business/Development, Social Work/Justice Internship in Rome, Italy

Gain Professional Experience in Rome, Italy!   31 December 2017 – 19 January 2018 

Internship Description: 

Are you looking for your passion or know what you want, but are not sure how to pursue it in the professional world? Do you want to build skills and knowledge via hands-on experience and mentorship customized to meet your needs and goals? Do you want to explore the world and learn first-hand knowledge of developing and implementing programs, performing research, and building capacity? 

Open the doors to your future by participating in this truly unique internship, offering professional, hands-on experiences that most internships cannot offer. Inizia Futuro was developed to both serve vulnerable populations and provide unique, experiential learning for interns. We customise the experience for each intern, based on their individual goals and objectives. Inizia Futuro focuses their attention on guiding and teaching valuable professional and technical skills to each intern while also assisting them through their daily work and field research, as well as the development and implementation of interventions for our local partners and the community members they serve. We give you the room and skills needed to grow and flourish, while teaching and mentoring you along the way. Come assist and work side-by-side with prominent organisations striving to integrate refugees and address needs of vulnerable Italian populations.

Applicable Fields of Study/Interest:

  • Italian
  • Public Health/Health/Health Promotion
  • Pre-med/Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Business/Management/Economics
  • Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology
  • Social Work
  • Physical Therapy
  • Advertising/Marketing
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Anthropology
  • Behavioral Health/Psychology
  • Global/International Studies
  • Other related field 

The cost to participate in the program is $1800.00 USD and includes: 

  • Housing for the duration of the internship
  • Transportation to and from the airport upon arrival to and departure from Rome, Italy
  • On the ground support, orientations, and overall guidance and opportunities to meet and interact with Italians and other interns alike
  • Ground transportation to the internship sites and return
  • Access to local organisations and community
  • Direct guidance from the programme director, who will provide overall and technical training and education
  • Language Classes
  • Education on Italian history, economy, politics, refugees and their hardships, resources, and processes
  • Opportunities to work with previously-collected data from past and current projects, to learn, and to educate
  • Gaining experience in leadership, project development, and hands-on work
  • Tours, discounted activities, and much more!

For more information on how to apply view the program document.

China Internship Placement

Insurance Claims Clerks (Internship in China)


  • Apply insurance rating systems
  • Calculate amount f claim
  • Contact insured or other involved persons to obtain missing information
  • Organize and work with detailed office or warehouse records, using computers to enter, access, search and retrieve data
  • Pay small claims
  • Post or attach information to claim file
  • Prepare and review insurance-claim forms and related documents for completeness
  • Provide customer service, such as giving limited instructions on how to proceed with claims or providing referrals to auto repair facilities or local contractors
  • Review insurance policy to determine coverage
  • Transmit claims for payment or further investigation 

Qualification – 

  • Require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in or the equivalent.
  • Fluent in English
  • Ability to follow oral and written instructions and be able to communicate clearly and effectively with staff and clients.
  • Responsible and Dedicated 

Assistant TV or Film Director (Internship in China)


  • Responsible for making a film as powerful, entertaining and effective as possible.
  • They work alongside each and every member of the film production team, from the actors and producers to the lighting technicians and camera operators.
  • Write and edit the film scripts which they are responsible for transforming into fully-fledged film productions.
  • Using creative ideas and decision-making skills to produce effective cinema, directors must also have the ability to lead a team of talented professionals.
  • Other assigned tasks

Qualification –                                                      

  • Require a minimum of a High School Diploma / Certificate or the equivalent (degree, etc).
  • Fluent in English
  • the ability to lead and motivate others
  • excellent organizational and planning skills
  • problem-solving ability
  • a flexible and adaptable attitude
  • good administrative skills

Hedge Fund Analyst (Internship in China)


Hedge fund analyst spend time managing the various investments that comprise the greater hedge fund. Hedge funds contain investments in both-long term and short-term funds in both domestic and international investments. Hedge fund analyst review statistical data that is generated by complex software that helps them make investment decisions that generate income growth and protect investments.

Qualification –   

  • Working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Ability to communicate professionally and effectively.
  • excellent communication skills.
  • the ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines and multi-task in a fast paced environment.
  • strong numerical ability and quantitative skills.
  • self-confidence, drive and tenacity.
  • Team player.

Dental Assistant (Internship in China)


  • Learn about patient’s medical history and take their vitals
  • Prepare patients for treatments and procedures
  • Make patients feel comfortable and relaxed
  • Prepare and sterilize dental equipment to prevent infection
  • Provide assistance to dentists during procedures
  • Use suction hoses as well as other dental equipments to keep the mouth of the patient dry
  • Keeping the office running smoothly by scheduling appointments, answering phones, ordering supplies, etc.
  • Teach patient’s about their oral hygiene
  • Other related tasks

 Qualification – 

  • Require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in or the equivalent.
  • Fluent in English
  • Dental assistants need organizational skills, administrative skills, computer skills and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to follow oral and written instructions and be able to communicate clearly and effectively with both patients and dentists.
  • Responsible and Dedicated

Make-Up Artist (Internship in China)


  • Alter or maintain makeup during productions as necessary to compensate for lighting changes or to achieve continuity of effect.
  • Analyze a script, noting events that affect each character's appearance, so that plans can be made for each scene.
  • Apply makeup to enhance, and/or alter the appearance of people appearing in productions such as movies.
  • Assess performers' skin-type in order to ensure that make-up will not cause break-outs or skin irritations.
  • Other assigned duties 

 Qualification – 

  • Require a minimum of a High School Diploma / Certificate in Cosmetology or the equivalent (degree, etc).
  • Fluent in English
  • Creativity, Time management, physical stamina and customer service.
  • Highly Responsible and Dedicated

Architecture and Design Internship (China)


We are looking for Trainees who will participate as a full team member in our projects. The internship should be for a minimum of 3 - 6 months. In our office students are considered as full team members and have similar roles and opportunities to our employees. Both creative input and solid work production is what we ask from our trainees. The better the work, the more the student is allowed to do. 

Qualification – 

1. Having studied at accredited architecture schools not less than 4 semesters.

2. Fluency in written and spoken English

3. Good knowledge of AutoCAD and Adobe software, preferably some work experience with Rhino

4. 3D modeling experience is a plus

Cost Accountant (Urgent Internship in China)


  • Planning, Studying, and collecting data to determine costs of business activity such as raw material purchases, inventory and labor.
  • Analyzing data collected and recording results
  • Analyzing changes in product design, raw materials, manufacturing methods or services provided, to determine effects on cost
  • Analyzing actual manufacturing costs and preparing periodic reports comparing standard costs to actual production costs
  • Recording cost information for use in controlling expenditures
  • Analyzing audits of costs and preparing reports
  • Making estimates of new and proposed product costs
  • Providing management with reports specifying and comparing factors affecting prices and profitability of products or services.
  • Maintaining Cost Accounting System
  • Assisting in Month end close of the General Ledger
  • Conducts physical inventories and monitors cycle count program
  • Reconciles finished goods inventories

Qualification –

  • Currently enrolled in College or University pursuing Accounting / CIMA / Other related course(s).
  • Fluent in English.
  • Ability to interact and communicate effectively both orally and in written correspondence/reports.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Must have a strong Cost systems background and have excellent analytical skills; sound understanding of accounting principles.
  • Computer Literate – Strong Excel skills and the ability to use Outlook and Word
  • Experience working with engineering and manufacturing personnel on development and analysis of cost standards
  • Ability to accurately prepare daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports

Junior Buyer (Purchasing / Procurement) – Urgent Internship in China


  • Support negotiation of local agreements in China with our key vendors and support to the pre-sale activity to give a competitive advantage through getting the best possible commercial & financial & legal & technical conditions from its suppliers;
  • Conduct reporting, sourcing, forecasting pricing activities, benchmarking and industry assessments to identify best practices and implement successful processes and standard documentations;
  • Work with the Procurement Manager and other Procurement Category Managers (IT, Subcontracting and Indirect) to identify, develop and implement strategic sourcing initiatives for China in order to deliver savings;
  • With the supervision of the Procurement Manager and other Procurement Category Managers, implement synergies bundling the volumes of China;
  • Assure the communication on the action plans, including their timing and impact on budgets to the stakeholders;
  • Lead internal process changes or improvements being part of the action plan or necessary for the optimization of the segment (e.g. stakeholder management, demand management, bid management)
  • Monitor the Procure-to-Pay process
  • Promote company’s product through the use and management of internal communication tools (Blue Kiwi, Sharepoint, Ariba)
  • Manage and keep up to date Procurement tools, such as contract repository data base or SharePoint space
  • Producing reports and statistics
  • Monitor quotes and contract negotiation under Procurement Manager responsibility

Qualification –

  • Education: University, engineering or business school, ideally with specialization in Purchasing or with previous internship in Procurement
  • Degree: Master degree or currently in Master degree program
  • Good knowledge of office software esp. word, excel, PowerPoint is mandatory
  • Able to build excel model, produce reports and statistics is mandatory
  • Fluency in English is mandatory
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of tasks with a team spirit is a must
  • Knowledge of the Procurement process and organization is a plus
  • International mindset
  • Good analytical and numerical skills
  • Pro-active attitude
  • Customer oriented
  • Interest in Technology and IT
  • Very motivated, hard worker and flexible individuals willing to make a difference.

Law Department - Paralegal (Students) Internship in China


  • Filing – physical paper files and electronic      files
  • Scanning and copying
  • Courthouse runs and deliveries
  • E-filing court documents
  • Scheduling appointments and depositions
  • Mail—incoming, outgoing, and certified
  • Calendaring
  • Summarize records
  • Discovery – draft answers, collect documents from      clients, document production
  • Exhibit preparation
  • Witness contacts and coordination
  • Legal research
  • Assist attorney at trial, deposition or other      court appearance

Qualification –

  • Must have graduated from or currently enrolled in an accredited University. 
  • If currently enrolled, must have completed at least 50% of the required course curriculum. 
  • Interns can work throughout their degree program as long as they are actively pursuing a degree and up to six months after earning their degree. 
  • Fluent in English.
  • Strong communication skills.

Send your resume (CV) via ----

E-mail -

Tel.- 0086 13366555324 


Visit our website ---

Stipend = 2500 - 3000 RMB PER MONTH (Plus, Commission upon performance)

Location – Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen

GPA – 2.0

Company – China Internship Placement

Address - 422 No1.Building West fourth ring road, Haidian district of Beijing, PRC

Starting date = ASAP

Merida, Mexico Alternative Spring Break

The Education Abroad office has partnered with STA Travel and International Volunteer HQ to provide you
with a meaningful spring break trip. Spend spring break in Merida, Mexico volunteering in one of the following areas: childcare, teaching English, animal care, or special needs care. Program will run from March 25-31, 2018. Cost is $1272 which includes airfare, accommodation and meals. Deposit of $499 is due by December 7, 2017 to secure your space. Final payment is due January 18, 2018. For information on the program see the program guide. For information on activities and excursions see the activities guide. To sign up go to

Creative Contento Chile Volunteer Program

Creative Contento's Chile Summer Inspiration Program is scheduled for July-September of 2018. They are looking for 30 UCR students who would like to travel to Chile for 2 weeks and volunteer and teach empowerment skills at a Chilean high school. You'll be staying with a host family and volunteering their time at a local school. During the first half of the day, you'll be assisting Chilean teachers and school administration. After lunch, the university students will attend a Social Entrepreneurship class taught by our teaching staff and then later teach an empowerment program to 100 Chilean high school students. UCR students will receive a certificate of completion for the program and for the Social Entrepreneurship course. The goal is to give UCR students global work, volunteer, and Social Entrepreneurship training experience. The program fee of $2750 includes airfare, host family accommodations, food, stipend, some transportation, and academic training. See the program brochure and sample daily schedule for more information. contact Rudy Barroso at for additional information.

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