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Selected Students

Congratulations on being selected for a UCEAP program!

We’re positive that you’ll enjoy one of the most memorable and enriching experiences of your college career and beyond. But let’s make sure you take all of the necessary steps so you’re absolutely ready when it’s time!

Things to Do Right Now

Complete and submit pre-departure documents. Access them on the UCEAP website. Go to “Participants,” choose your host country, then click on your program to see your UCEAP Travel Requirements and Pre-Departure Checklist. In this section, click on every link, follow all instructions and complete and submit all forms by the listed deadlines. If you don’t see documents for the 2019-18 academic year, refer to the 2018-19 documents.  Also be sure to view UCR Study Abroad's own pre-departure resources.

Get important info @ MyUCR Abroad. Log in to MyUCR Abroad, you will need to select Guest Account for login. Then go to Information for Selected UCEAP Participants to read detailed information about your UCEAP selection.

Check R’Mail often. Your R’Mail account will be the only e-mail account where you receive official UCEAP information from UCEAP and UCR. Check it often! In fact, create a folder for all UCEAP correspondence. If you change your physical address or phone number, contact your UCEAP representative immediately. Failed and untimely communication is a common reason why students become ineligible for UCEAP. Don’t let this happen to you!

Use this subject line. So that your study abroad advisor can respond to your R’Mail quickly, use this subject line format:



Mike/Senegal/UCEAP-Lang & Culture/Fall 2013/Program Selection

Take care of academics. Fulfill the unit requirements listed in your program brochures. Also, depending on your program, you might have to fulfill a language course. Ask your academic advisor, foreign language advisor or College Dean about courseware. If you’ll be a junior when you study abroad, you’ll need to declare your major by the quarter before you leave.

Apply for a passport and visa.

In the Months Before You Leave

Get your health clearance. To participate in the UCEAP program, complete your health clearance 60 days before you leave. It’s mandatory.  Also be sure to obtain medical insurance.

Attend mandatory meetings and orientation. Even if you need to adjust your work schedule, family events or study time, we can’t stress enough how important it is to attend these mandatory meetings. If you miss any of them, you’ll be considered non-compliant with program obligations.

Oh behave! If you start to feel like you want to slack after you’ve been selected for UCEAP, remember to go easy and stay focused on your excellent conduct and academic goals. If your academic, social or personal conduct raises concerns with any of the groups or individuals who supported your selection, you could be withdrawn from the UCEAP program. Plus, you’ll have to pay the penalty fee and any other pre-departure expenses.

Grades still matter. Maintain the minimum academic eligibility requirements specific to your UCEAP program. If you’re placed on academic probation or subject to dismissal before your scheduled departure date, contact your EAP advisor immediately. We will talk with your college and department advisors to determine continued support of your UCEAP participation. If you don’t have the necessary units or if your grades fall below the GPA program requirement after you’re selected, you may be subject to dismissal from UCEAP.

Stay current. Read any news and learn about any important events in your host country and at your program institution. Google searches will point you to online magazines that cover your region. If you plan to speak or study in the language of your host country, read publication in that language to get familiar.

Travel Resources. Familiarize yourself with any and all travel resources.

Airport Screening Tips. Get to know our tips on how you can safely get through an airport screening.

Foreign & US Embassies. Find out all you need to know about the Foreign and US Embassies.

If You Have to Withdraw

Because you’ve worked extremely hard to make it through the UCEAP application process (and for that we commend you!), we don’t anticipate that you will have to withdraw from the program. Just in case:

    • Be aware of what your last day is to withdraw from the program without having to pay a $500 fee. If you withdraw after that date, you will be charged a minimum of $500 plus additional fees depending on the program.
    • If you plan to withdraw, the process must be completed in writing. Make an appointment with an UCEAP advisor to complete the withdrawal paperwork.

What Do I Do Immediately?

  1. READ ALL detailed information on your selection by logging into the Selected Student section on MyUCR Abroad. You will need to select Guest Account for login.
  2. READ ALL of the information on each tab and in each link of the “Participants” section on UCEAP website.
  3. FILL OUT the required paperwork and mail it to the designated offices by the specified dates.

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